FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products include VAT?

YES - We are pleased to say that all prices on our website are including VAT so what you see is what you pay.

Will my tank be OFTEC registered?

YES - Cumbria Oil Tanks will only fit your tank within the OFTEC guidance as tanks not compliant to these requirements may affect your insurance in an event of an accident.

How much guarantee comes with each tank?

All bundled tanks comes complete with a 10 year warranty which is supplied by Cumbria Oil Tanks. Cumbria Oil Tanks also have OFTEC Workmanship Warranty Certificates, which gives you the customer additional protection.

What brand of tanks can you supply?

Cumbria Oil Tanks are proud to be Cumbria's sole supplier of Platinum Oil Tanks. We supply these tanks in single skin and bunded. We are also able to supply Harlequin, Atlas, Titan, Tuffa and Diamond Tanks. (Please ask prices on these ranges when enquiring.

Do I have to pay for extras?

Many of the tanks that Cumbria Oil Tanks use are the simplistic versions but there are many features that can be added onto your tank for an additional cost.

Added features can be such things as - over flow prevention flow or low level warning alarms.

Additional extra features are not regulations but are there for your availability if required. Please feel free to ask Paul for more information on any extra bits you may want added onto your tank but remember these will come at an extra cost. Unless stated in the tanks description they will not be in with the price of the tank being quoted.

All Questions Answered!

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