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A little information about Cumbria Oil Tanks Cumbria Oil Tanks is owned and operated by a local distributor and installer of oil tanks who has had involvement in the Oil Tank industry for many years.

The company has been setup to give you the customer the best possible service and advice to enable absolute peace of mind when it comes to all of your Oil Tank supply and installation needs.

As a new company we have no VAT registration at this time thus enabling us to pass on a minimum of 20% to our customers especially in the hard times that we are currently in you will agree this is immediately a great saving.

Installers/Plumbers who purchase on the internet now have a direct local link to a supplier who can offer many products and advice on installation who can also sign-off through an Oftec registration process.

Every Cumbria Oil Tank is manufactured from UV Stabilised medium grade polyethylene and are supplied with 1" BSP outlets.

Every Cumbria Oil Tank undergoes a thorough inspection after manufacture and again prior to dispatch.

Single Skin Tanks come complete with a 2 year warranty and the Bunded Tanks come complete with a 10 year warranty.
There is a 1 year warranty on all components.
Warranty is for manufacture defect only.

Cumbria Oil Tanks are compatible with the latest electronic low level and overfill alarms which are available on request.

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