Welcome to Cumbria Oil Tanks an owned and operated local distributor and installer of oil tanks who has had involvement in the Oil Tank industry for many years.
Contact Paul at Cumbria Oil Tanks on 0784 9573 597 for all enquiry's regarding oil tanks or spills.

Cumbria Oil Tanks has a vast knowledge of the oil tank industry and has spent many years working with local companies and private land owners installing and supplying all types of oil tanks and associated equipment in the Furness, Cumbria, Lake District and greater Cumbrian Area.

  • Free inspections, site survey and compliance checks, giving you advice and options available.
  • Security alarms and contents gauges fitted.
  • Fully Qualified OFTEC qualified technicians.
Bunded Oil Tanks

Emergency Callouts

Emergency Callouts Should you discover your tank or fittings are leaking oil this can be an extremely costly loss and a great inconvenience to you.

If you require an emergency callout please contact Paul on 07849573597 24/7 to discuss your situation.

Below is some information that we can assist you with in any ongoing actions:

Environmental Impact/Oil Leaks (loss). Oil loss to ground can find its way into drains, watercourses, bore holes and wells which could seriously damage wildlife and foliage, the Environmental Agency role is to locate the source of the pollution, this is not always covered by insurance, therefore regular inspection of your tank is important and emergency response too contain the leak.

We offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Callout - Paul 07849573597 Spill Containment.
  • Transfer of tank contents to temporary tank with reconnection to your supply, thus keeping you connected.
  • Can liaise with your insurance company.
  • Employ a UK Accredited Spill Company should your insurance company require.Should the Environmental Agency be involved we will act as the management consultant on your behalf.

Tank Supply & Tank Fitting

What is Supply & Fit?

Cumbria Oil Tanks can provide you with the full service at short notice emergency situation i.e. a leaking/Weeping tank, through to a programmed tank change.

By taking us up on a free site survey this enables us to assess your current tank installation/location and size allowing us to estimate the best tank refit for your individual requirements and needs.

When customers have new tanks they sometimes like to blend the new tank into the available space. A Supply & Fit gives you the opportunity for us to give you the ideas and create a range of possibilities to transform the area.

All installations are carried out to full Oftec Standards and signed off to building control by a qualified technician giving you the satisfaction of a professional and complete tank installation.

Please Note: Larger tanks are available on further inspection and request.

OFTEC Certified

Plastic Bunded oil tanks and Steel Storage Oil Tanks supplied only or fitted by OFTEC qualified technicians.

All tanks carry a 10 year manufacture warranty and built in accordance with OFTEC OFST 100 standard.

Oil Spills

Oil Spills need to be contained immediately to avoid costly remediation figures sometimes not insured. Accidental oil spills originating from domestic or commercial premises often end up in the eyes of the public who then will inform the Environmental Agency for control and investigation.Having knowledge of a spill and not reporting it can also potentially result in prosecution and remediation costs.

Action Plan: Contact Paul 24/7 on 07849573597 if you have a spill!

Request attention to site or supply containment products:

  • River Boom
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Absorbent Gravel
  • Drain Protection
  • Absorbent Role or Mats